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Videogame Showcase: Dracula

Bram Stoker's Dracula for Nintendo Gameboy
For the blog's 10 anniversary

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Retro Dr. Pepper Labels

Retro Labels from summer 2017

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New Blog

My New Blog, based on my RollerCoaster Tycoon Project
DLS Project

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Music Memories: "Load" by Metallica (7th year post)

"Load" By Metallica

This year marks the twentieth anniversary of the album "Load" by the band Metallica.  This album was controversial when it came out on June 4, 1996  .  Not only did Metallica infamously sport shorter hair on the back of the album cover, but the music was creativly different from the self titled "Metallica", released just five years before in 1991.  I consider it to be a mixed bag of music, much like the self titled "The Beatles" (White Album). The songs range from complicated pieces of rock and roll, gloomy ballads, and simple "country" songs.  Well thats enough of my rambling, here's the track list (strong language):

  1.  Ain't My Bitch
  2.  2X4
  3.  The House That Jack Built
  4.  Until It Sleeps
  5.  King Nothing
  6.  Hero Of The Day
  7.  Bleeding Me
  8.  Cure
  9.  Poor Twisted Me
  10.  Wasting My Hate
  11.  Mama Said
  12.  Thorn Within
  13.  Ronnie
  14.  The Outlaw Torn

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