Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Holy Magazine Collection!!!: Make It So

Today, September 28, 1987 was the debut of Star Trek: The Next Generation. The two hour pilot was "Encounter at Farpoint". I never saw that episode on the first run. In my opinion the first seasons seemed awkward and forced. I learned today was the debut from Memory Alpha, the Star Trek Wiki. Another great site is Ex Astris Scientia. I have many more Starlog covers from 1982- 1995. That could be a regular feature.

(Star Trek is CBS/Paramount, Starlog is Time Warner)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

When your post is a ghost (if you have a witch's brew)

Earlier this month I posted my desire to participate in The Countdown To Halloween on their website. You can go there to learn more about the annual countdown. http://www.countdowntohalloween.blogspot.com/
I will post when I can and I have some pretty good ideas on what to post.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Videogame Showcase: Swing your arms from side to side...

 According to Kotaku.com, today is the 25th anniversary of Super Mario Bros being released in Japan. http://kotaku.com/5636283/happy-25th-birthday-super-mario-bros
Another blog covering it is http://victorypellet.blogspot.com/ . Other sites are probably covering this commemoration. I just can't think of anything to type. This game was frustrating.
UPDATE: upon further review , my post title shoulda been " Thank you Mario, but this blog post is in another castle"

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