Monday, October 4, 2010

Halloween Post: Enter freely of your own will!

This exhibit is an American Greetings Count Dracula door poster from the mid 1980's. It appears to have been originally done in oil pastel.  It is large enough to fit on a door, but it is difficult to properly photograph. This poster used to greet trick-or-treaters for about 5 or 6 seasons. I had to do restoration on a small section near the cape.
I have found out it was painted by artist Pete Hawley in a newer post


  1. I used to have a poster like this when I was a kid. It was a witch, but the art was nearly identical. I would bet that it was from the same manufacturer. I really wish someone could find that witch poster!

  2. I am a member of the Hawley family. We have boxes of cards, sketches, photographs etc. of Pete Hawley's. Looking to sell individually or as a lot if anyone can pint the right person our way :) Thanks for supporting and loving his work! I will search for the Witch poster for you, I am sure we have in card form.


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